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Members' comments

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I find the daily forecasts surprisingly accurate

I just have to say I look forward to seeing my stars for the day and cannot believe how right they are nearly every day BRILL!!!

Your predictions are great and your tip of the day always makes me feel so good and gives me great faith. Keep up the good work.

I look foward every afternoon to sit down and read my star signs there are alway right in how i am feeling at the time

I visit your site almost everyday; it contains a lot of useful information; it is very insightful & accurate; the daily scopes reveal a lot of truth & insight about myself & my friends. I strongly believe in them; they give me a lot of inspiration & keep me motivated for the rest of the day.

Your site has helped me a lot and made me see the man I was with wasn't right for me.

Your daily scope was very precise, I was amazed and I'm looking forward to visiting your site again. Thank you.

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