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Today my horoscope was 'You might just want to prepare your passport for use as short notice travel is imminent. Places that you have only ever dreamt of going may become reality and with that special person close by, you cannot fail to have a brilliant time. You have to stay in tune with that certain someone who can make this event become possible. I am actually planning on moving abroad in a couple of months. Accurate yet again.

I'm just writing to let you know your predictions are scarily accurate. I was very sceptical and signed up just for fun but now look forward to checking out my horoscope daily.In early April I had one that said that the number 4 would play a big part in today's proceedings. As it happened that night I went speed dating. I felt that there was no-one there I wanted to date, however I remembered what you'd said earlier and scanned down my sheet and ticked the fourth name. I had no expectations and was really surprised that when we actually met up properly we got on like a house on fire. We are now in a serious relationship, that's all thanks to you!

Hey! You got it so right. I've been going to stop smoking for a while now, today I booked an appointment at the Quit Smoking Clinic. Tomorrow I quit hopefully for good.

Yes spot on!

You were spot on, and I am going away for a while to sort my head out and gain inner strength.

Mary you are amazing. I log in to check my emails most nights and my Fastrology horoscope is nearly always the first one I open. I have always loved astrology although I don't understand it enough. Your stars have provided me with a lot of guidance and reassurance about every day things as well as decision making. Thanks again.

Spot on!

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