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Oh yes! Most definitely!

Hey there! You've pretty much got every single thing right that was written about me on my profile and horoscopes. Only thing is I am usually quite happy being told what to do when it comes to my job etc, sometimes I really like people taking control!

I can’t quite believe it. Today you said my lucky person was Jamie, I spent 2 hours with a Jamie this morning and they helped me to redirect my thoughts and, as I opened the lucky person, a white van drove past – my mystic signal! To top it off I gave someone who helped me yesterday a random present, an act of random kindness! It doesn’t stop there though, I had a long think today and decided that I should be just the way I am, my song of the day!

Yes you were right about today as things do have to be sorted out, I do need to move forward with my life.

I did end up relying on family support this evening - I needed my younger son to help me with an on-line Instant Messenger Service. Also he provided me with a link to the University Course he wants to apply for within the next several months.This will definitely involve us in a day visit some time in the next several months. So in some ways, you read it right for me.In some ways, I've had to work out how it was right!

Once again your predictions were so very accurate.

Hi there: Interpretation is always a huge part of whatever is going on, and today's fast report is making me work really quite hard! On first reading, I was ready to brush it off as another "MISS", but something stopped me, and I started to think a bit broader than just absolutely literal.There is a something there - but I can reach it only with a very broad amount of lateral thinking!Thanks for keeping me on my toes.

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