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Members' comments

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It is unbelievable how accurate it has been these past few days.Its all related to my new job. I was told I would get more money but not yet and it would start from a conversation.Two hours later I was being offered to double my hours.Many many thanks for your guidance.

I love reading my horoscope. Every time it is right I can't believe it. What you say has been true for me. Thank you for your help and guidance. All the best and keep up the good work it is really appreciated.

Some of the things you said are totally true.

Taurus was so true about my partner. I'm a Libra and I thought we would clash but we are so happy its unreal.

I was really amazed at some of the things that were written for 'Virgo' today. I have only just read it and some of the comments (more about me than about my day) have actually hit home! I'll have to check in regularly.

Thank you for my personality profile, I feel that some of the things you said were spot on. Overall very good.

Every day it seems you get things right, especially as I am starting a new business next week. Thank you for your advice and daily help, I need it!

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