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Members' comments

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You have nailed my day today. Thank you - perfect timing, great advice.

I truly love reading my daily horoscopes, in fact it has become a little addictive! Today's predictions have been spot on. The Tarot cards have definitely been the most accurate. I hope this site continues to be available as it is brill, brill, brill. Thank you.

Since I have subscribed to your service, everything has been accurate.

Everything was right apart from my lucky number, I didn't imagine my lucky number to be that high!

I have been reading my horoscopes and yesterday's was spot on, it said to be aware of the letter W. That day the wheel came off the car causing an accident. I wish I had listened now.

Hi my star sign is 'Cancer'. Yesterday I wanted to break up with my boy friend Terry but I wasn't sure about it. I read my daily horoscope as always and the key person for the day was 'Terry'!

Every day I have read my horoscope and also from today my friend's personal profile. We both agree your accuracy on the personalities profile are excellent. We are now going to write down subjects such as favourites for the day, song, colour, tips, number etc as we don't have good memories, as yet we are unable to comment on the favourites subject. We are finding Fastrology fun. Keep up the good work. Good luck with your site.

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