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Really so accurate, I couldn't believe my eyes. I have a close relative who lives with us and is in hospital at the moment, your prediction all makes sense and has been a great help as there is indeed an important decision I must make but wasn't sure if I could until I read my horoscope from you today. Many thanks.

Yes you are right for today's prediction, but it is very hard to sit back and do nothing.

Its really freaky because I am talking to a boy called 'Elliot' and you told to me to be aware of the letter 'E'!! Scary stuff, it really works though I read my horoscope every day and it is always true!

This is kind of weird as I'm planning on clearing out stuff but more to do with computers and the data that is stored on them. I have a greater concept of myself today - who I am, whose traits I share and take after in my family. Your emails help me too.

For the last couple of days your predictions have been spot on. Thank you so much.

My heart is pounding, I am stunned. Your prediction is spot on. Well done and a big thank you.

I am glad, I had this reading! I enjoy reading my horoscope, but I've never had such an accurate reading as this one before. It's amazing!

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