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I love Fastrology's horoscopes, they are easy, fun and free! They very rarely get anything wrong, today's reading has been so accurate it made my heart leap! It has as well as it is guiding me, it has been fun too! It's great - can't live without it!!

Yesterday, you said my key person was 'Nina' and I didn't know a 'Nina'. I went to a BBQ and met my friend's wife's sister and low and behold her name was 'Nina'. How weird was that? Day after day there is always an element of truth in your predictions. Absolutely brilliant!!

Wow I can't believe it. I had agreed to work extra hours at work under duress. I decided to tell my manager that I couldn't do it. It made me feel much better. I then read my reading. How right!! Thanks.

I sincerely hope so as I do need a breakthrough very much financially and in other departments as well as a result of recent circumstances.

You were spot on, I can be a bit possessive at times and also caring. I always think about and help my friends when I can.

Spot on.

WOW guys. You were bang on today. You said the Mystic Signal was a white van. I had hardly seen this when a white delivery van pulled up outside my door and brought me the item I have been waiting on for 16 weeks---just in time for a special event. Well done with this prediction.

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