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Members' comments

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Thank you for your reading of my horoscope. I find it all so accurate, you seem to be spot on. Thanks.

Well done for yesterday's and today's horoscope, both correct! I am travelling (well in some way) I'm moving house and I have been feeling quite flustered with all the different things on my mind. Today's a better day for me. Been feeling quite happy all day...and my horoscope got it in one! Thank you.

This is very accurate in all directions from today's Horoscope to The Song of the Day onwards. Today if the lucky number of 199 comes up and the wheelbarrow turns out to have even more significance than it usually does I will let you know.

Yes they were very accurate.

You got it right for my friend. Thanks.

I was very surprized to see how accurate you were. Keep up the good work. Well done I'm glad I found this site.

Yes it is very frustrating not having either the time or the money. Even more frustrating is not having the time & the money.

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