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Members' comments

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Reading my horoscopes today and yesterday. Wow spookily accurate, down to every last detail! I will follow your advice. Lets hope the advice turns out to be as accurate!! Thank you.

Oh yes you got it spot on. I don't think that there's any wrong statement in my personality profile. Ab Fab!

Hi again, yes you got it totally right. I love reading my horoscopes, now its great and it makes me feel confident. How did you know I have a friend called Erin and she is the girl of the day. Thanks again for my daily horoscopes.

I am sometimes sceptical about "mass" horoscopes BUT the last few days you seem to be reading my mind!!! You have given me the push to do what I knew I should be doing - thanks!!

Congratulations on your prediction for Aries, it is spot on for me today.

I was so surprised on reading my stars today you were spot on. Everything you said was correct.

I have been reading my horoscopes on your site for quite some time and over the last few days they have been very accurate I feel that your horoscopes have really helped me. Thanks for all your help.

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