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I have followed astrology predictions for many years, but Mary, are you sure you're not writing specifically for me? For instance, yesterday and today have hit the nail on the head, and a few last week. I have been restless and wondering what to do next as I approach my 60's - I'm contemplating a radical change with the hairdresser, and have started a diet and lost 18lbs!I do need to find something else to occupy my time and settle my restlessness just now. Many thanks, and I shall be reading every day.

Your predictions have been so accurate. It says everything right, and my key person was just freekie. I really wanted to listen to Vannesa's song, the moment I put it on it said my key person was Vanessa I was so shocked, and also my boyfriend's predictions have been right. He wants to give up smoking and on his horoscope it said dump the bad habit, I couldn't belive my eyes. I just hope I'd get a better song now.

Hello: I have only just joined and I am amazed at how every thing I have read is me to a T, from my personal profile to my horoscope. I am looking forward to see what tomorrow will say.

I think your horoscope site is the best, I'm very happy to join. My warnings are true because I work next to ladders and irons and for my key person there is a boy called Lee who works there although I don't really know him. Still thank you.

I strongly believe in my horoscopes and as a new member they are right up to now.

I could not believe it yesterday when I read my key person to be Sharon. The night before I was having a dream and was talking to someone called Lucy, not known to me but said she had been a neighbour of mine about 15 years ago. I asked if Sharon still lived next door to where we lived and Lucy said she had moved away. I also had a very good friend called Sharon who died in 1992.

Hi: You keep talking about love - this is one Gemini with no one I feel as though I am not a Gemini at all and getting no where at all but you give me hope. Thank you.

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