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Such a lot is happening in mine and my husband's life at the mo,, he is a LEO..I am a CANCERIAN. Yesterday's horoscope and today's could be pretty true.. depending on how you read them.

Most of the time you were able to pinpoint my ongoing situation with my partner.

Just to let you know that the other day, my key person was Liam. I don't know any Liam's and wondered how on earth that could be true. That very same day, I was looking for someone to re-spray my car...a friend referred someone to me...called Liam!! So I've given him the job!

Yes you certainly got that one right. Nothing is ever straightforward at the moment. In fact I have had at least 13 years of not straightforward. Isn't it about time for a change?

Just to say how much I look forward to receiving my daily horoscope from you and more often than not they are spot on.

I have received every single horoscope so far and they all make sense because whatever my star sign says a few days later or at some stage down the line that certain thing happens to me. Thank you.

Thank you for all the readings you have given me, they have all been true to me. I also did my personal profile and it couldn't have been any more true than what was said about the Cancer profile. Thanks again.

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