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Just joined. My first horoscope for Saturday 3/2/07 was spot on.

Thankyou for your reading of my horoscope. I find it all true. I never knew if I was Saggitarius or Capricorn as I am on the cusp, but you seem to be spot on. Thanks again.

I have been receiving my daily horoscope from you for about a month now, I have been amazed at how true some of the things you sent me have been correct. I have been very down in the dumps lately and as I have said some of the things you have said have come true and have helped me very much. Thank you.

I just read a personality profile on me and WOW how me is that, especially the love bit. If I think someone is betraying me or something isn't right I say goodbye straightaway. So true. Thank you.

So me in every respect, I have a lot of friends from different walks of life. I fully enjoy good company.Thank you, having felt down, reading my horoscope every day has cheered me.

Yes I find your predictions to be amazingly accurate and look forward to reading them each day. Thank you.

Very spooky as if you now what's about to happen! Also your section on Personality Profile is certainly spot on.

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