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Members' comments

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I laughed so much when I read my profile it was so me in every way. Thanks for the laugh brilliant.

I have only recently been receiving my daily horoscope and up to now all have been accurate and very informative. I feel it helps me know what is happening with my life and how to view things in the future.

I've not come across a day that my predictions did not match. I made a very big decision yesterday and I've been thinking all day today that perhaps I should reverse the decision. Now I will stick to my guns. Thanks very much and please keep up the good work.

Yes your forecast was very accurate. Thankyou.

The predictions for Scorpio on the 22nd of January was spot on. It has clarified some of my thoughts. This is a huge weight lifted of my shoulders.

The Cancer Profile was spot on. Thanks.

Yes,practically all prediction was correct.

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