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I found the personality profile almost perfect. Only thing would be 'Aquarius in love'. Where the site says that Aquarians take a slow approach to love and romance, I often find I rush into relationships too quickly, and let my heart take over my head. Other than that, the rest was pretty much spot on!!

Hi,I read my horoscopes from yourselves every day and with sheer fascination! You are the only horoscopes I read now as I've never found any as accurate as yours! Was surprised today as my key person was Martin. Well martin happens to be my Scorpio partner for the last 11 years!! Keep up the good work! Regards.

Yes, almost all of the submission correct.

You got my prediction for today absolutely correct. Everything said is absolutely spot on. Thank you !

I found my horoscope to be 100% accurate, it made me look at myself more by looking at the positives rather than the negatives,concentrating on the future rather than the past.A big thankyou.

You got my prediction for today absolutely correct. I always have to keep a tight rein on my money and after the New Year I really have to get out in the garden, there is so much to do. Great, spot on I always look to your predictions with interest.

Key person - Karen. Definitely but WHICH one?Thanks how uncannily accurate.

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