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I've just taken my dog out, (earlier than usual) I was blown away by the moon and stars still being visable, then I checked my sign for the day.My 'mystical sign was...a star!! my key person was Luke (my late son) my colour was turquoise (wearing it already) and I certainly woke up feeling more optimistic(my key task)) I'm just waiting for my warning (the letter G). For me to even be mailing means WOW the word which I use to describe amazing stuff as its the same backwards it's a real WOW. Thank you.

Well done Fastrology today you got it quite right.

On Wednesday the 19th November 2006, last week when I got my lucky numbers, I got my lottery forms out of the drawer, counted them until I reached my 3 numbers, I laid out £6.00,and won £100.00 on the Dream Number. Thank you Fastrology.

'You feel a little short on the money front' was what faced me in my inbox today and is so right!. I've just finished internet banking and am rather broke this week!. My song was Born to run by Bruce Springsteen~I would love to run from this money situation!. If your next prediction is true then I'm safe~:a windfall is round the corner but don't splash out 'till you've got it!!!!!. Christmas so close and bill after bill~I hope you're right!!!!!!.

Yes, The Lovers sprung up, and my horoscope told me that a new relationship at work would be forming. You are not wrong there!!!!

Yes to some extent. I just wrote my list of chores for the day and although thought of it I didn't write 'water the plants' then looked at my task for the day and that's exactly what it said! Also the key person name is my tutor for a course I'm on and I desperately needed to finish some work to hand to her! So if nothing else it certainly has been reminding me of things I was forgetting about!

Your task of the day was spot on and it’s already done! ‘Do something kind’. I saw a cat lying on a grass verge near my daughter’s school which had been run over. Seeing it lying there pulled on my heart strings so I took the poor cat’s body to my vet to see if it was microchipped. Hopefully it is and the worried owners will find the cat’s body and put it to rest.

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