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You got it right for Friday 27/10/06. I made a decision.

You were spot on about my car needing a serious cleaning out. My lucky colour is lavender colour for today. I am going to put on a lavender top to see whether l shall get lucky.

This is the first time on this website and I don't know any Maylee but apart from that it was a fairly right prediction.

The first time I've been onto the site and I didn't meet anyone called Rosemary, but I do need to hang out with new people and tidy under my bed. I suppose it was being judgemental - is a bad quality of mine so thank you!!

Hi: It was pretty close today - and the day isn't over yet!!!!!!!

On today's prediction you said the main task was to make my bed - had just stripped it and put in washing machine before going on computer!!

Hi: My horoscope wasn't quite right today, I don't know anyone called Regina, but I must admit most days you are right.

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