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Yeah your predictions are awesome! So accurate every day!

Just wanted to say how accurate today’s’ reading was. My daughter has just told me that she and her partner are to split up after being together many years. For some months now I knew something was wrong with her but she chose not to say anything until she knew what she wanted to do. My first reaction was sadness as I always hoped they would be one of those couples that would last for always. But I only want her to be happy and if she is not then I will support whatever decision she makes. You certainly summed it all up today.

I am writing to you to say thank you for all your predictions that I have received. It hasn't been a very good year for me lots of ups and downs, thank god my kids are healthy and well and there is always someone worse off than yourself so I cannot grumble. Thank you again for all your predictions that you have given me which have been accurate.

I can not believe how accurate you are on more or less everything! The motivational tips tie in so well with my business that I am trying to get up and running, you give me tips that really do help. And the key tasks tie in with other things, especially around the home. If I get up thinking I have got this to do today, then look on to fastrology it definately links into something I have to do. Would recommend you to everyone. Pure Brilliance!!

I must admit I was a bit sceptical at first but last Sunday I could not believe it!! An ex had rung me out of the blue. After the call I began to play all our old songs and was thinking about all the good times we once had. I logged on Monday morning which gives you a chance to check yesterday's stars when it said: 'You will be taking a trip down memory lane playing loads of love songs andthinking about good times forgetting the bad ones that you had with someone who was once so close. Its best to move on. I was gob smacked!!'

Wow how accurate can you be? My only problem is my horoscope does not arrive until I have left for work, and I would like to know my colour for the day before going out. My friend who has signed up for this site, because of me, is also the same star sign and she brings it in to work, but too late for my colour.Even for both of us the predictions often have very deep meanings. Thank you.

Hello, Just to say how spooky I found your first prediction tonight. After signing up and clicking for my song..which was Elton John’s 'Your Song'.. I was listening to an album of mine in the background. Mixture of soppy songs, nothing specific. As I continued to listen and click through the various options, Elton John started singing your song. Coincidence I know but what can I say. Well predicted.I like the site and will enjoy browsing. Not too happy with the nine of swords as my tarot card, but hey one has to take the good with the bad. My horoscope was spot on as far as work is concerned and I will proceed as predicted with what I am doing. Thanks Patsie

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