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Members' comments

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Thank you for my horoscope I didnt get it till the day after though but they were spot on. You don't realise it till your reading it the following day. Although I did do the opposite to what it said. Never mind I will be checking every day now so as not to miss out.

Hi: You were right again. Everyone wanted me at the same time and you are right I do have to sort my workload out. Having 12 kids is a lot of fun and can also be hard work at times. You are brilliant, I don't look in the papers now I have you to tell me my day to day life and I look forward to it every day. Thank you.

I was quite surprised at how accurate my horoscope was! Very pleased!

My horoscope for today indicates my mind has been on finances lately and how right you were! You also made a comment of "when I want something enough I find a way to get it, that's also true. Fav colour was right, just about to decorate lounge beige. Song, 'I Will Survive' very apt as separated from partner. Key task to always do dishes, that is also right as hate seeing them in bowl or on worktop and finally the tarot card "Knight of Cups" that seems to be correct as well as I'm a sensative and imaginative person. Hopefully the luv, romance and new relationship indication will come true!!! Here's hoping. Look forward to reading other daily scopes thanks.

First time user but very helpful apart from the tarot card, did'nt know what it meant. Will continue to use this site and would recommend to my friend.

Hi You have done it again I have painted my house in the same colour you predicted. I am also hoping to get some news about my foster child this week off an older person. Everything you have said has come true for the past few days, which is amazing thank you and as you said I will be doing a 3 course meal for me and friends tonight, which was arranged last week. See you soon. Thanks.

Well when I had opened my horoscope my key task was to hang out the washing....which I had already done (spooky because my hubby usually does it)...favourite colour was right too because I am wearing a top in that colour... hope the tarot card for lovers proves right today.

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