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I am having probably the worst run in my life at the moment ... and every day a big part of what you say is so true...

I have only logged on to your site for two days and I must say I am very surprised how accurate so far you have been. I will continue to check this every day and hope I can sort my life out, and follow your tips. Thank you so much.

Oh my god! before I received my daily report for my star sign, I had decided to put on a top I havn't worn yet, its grey with SILVER animal print on it. I then thought my bed sheets needed to go in the wash and new ones be put on.A little later I was reading my report when I saw that my task for today was to make my bed. After I started to click on a few more headings I clicked on my lucky colour and as the page was getting ready I was thinking to myself wouldn't it be funny it it said Silver and it did. WOW I believed in the stars anyway but that is amazing !! Thank you.

My key task was spot on. I'd set myself the task of vacuuming the whole house!

What can I say other than too close for comfort! We all enjoy hearing the positives, but to hear the negatives so clearly put before us, allowing us a chance to see ourselves as others must, although a cringeworthy experience is also a lesson waiting to be learnt.Heart felt thanks!

Thanks for my horoscope today. Some of the stuff in my reading is very accurate and have helped me plan my day forward.

I'm rather impressed by the layout of the Fastrology website. In my opinion of my readings, I believe that whilst some things may be true, others are set down as guidelines to encourage the betterment of my life. I am generally an open-minded person. So, I think it's the same for all the Star Signs.In certain sections, I feel there was no mention of my most cherished abilities and passions: drama, acting, art, gym work-outs, and so on. I like to stay fit, and want to achieve success. I liked the tarot card, the Sun....I believe it was. But I got no sense from it :) Enlightenment? Vitality? I feel that although I'm as of yet, a little sceptical of the whole idea of Horoscopes, I am spiritual, born a British-Muslim, so I'll keep visiting the site. Purely out of interest, of course.

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