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You have enormous gifts Mary , many times I read your horoscope and had to realise that it came true..not only once or twice. I read it every day now and its really encouraging me.I have an online boyfriend and sometimes its not easy to see what the other is going through at the moment, and easy to helped me many do the right things....and I feel I'm able to understand him much better...because of your predictions...that have been so true.I added you to my space , because you really impressed me and I dont say this often.Keep up the great are blessed.

On Tuesday this week I was asked to apply for a job in the same company I am with, higher up than what I am doing now.I was not going to apply for it, then my stars told me to confront and that I was just as good as them so I applied for this and it now looks like the job is mine. So thank you for the encouragement!!!!!!!!

Thank you you were right about my sign and yes I do tend to keep myself to myself and am very cautious about letting other people in.

Just read your profile of me. Maybe that is why I am on my own, stubborn and too choosy. Many thanks. I must learn to trust more and not be too critical.

My daily horoscope for 15th august 2007 was spot on.

Thanks, you got it right again! I didn't get a chance to read my stars at lunch time as I had to to a job interview but when I came back I read them and felt quite positive. 4.30pm the same day I got a call to say I had got the job.

Thanks so much. You've got an accurate prediction about Cancerians. I am a Cancerian and my fiance is a Cancerian as well. Initially I was scared of the relationship, if it was going to work out but with all you've said now I believe it is definitely going to work out. Thanks once again I really appreciate your efforts explaining what all the star sign meant.

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