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Members' comments

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Yes you did get it right, sometimes I find it can be very generalised though.

Yes, yes, yes, perfect. Thank you.

I was a bit of a sceptic ... not now though, your insights have been uncannilly accurate. Keep up the good work.

Some days your predictions can be spot on but sometimes they are confusing. In all though they are very good.

My predictions have been so accurate it's scary. Thank you so much they have helped me a lot.

Yes you did get it right. The fridgefreezer and washing machine broke down within days of each other so money matters were to the forefront. It can only get better now.

As per usual you have got it spot on. I didn't notice this feature before. There was a day last month when I can't remember the exact wording but I was told it would be a day to remember someone from a long time ago - it was the anniversary of my mother's death and yes she was in my thoughts. Thank you.

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